IMGX-20 Full-digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner

Light and portable, more clearer,delicate and smooth image, convenient to operate, supports the machine for consultation in various environment of cities, towns, outdoor.
Probes: convex probe,trans-vaginal probe, trans-rectal probe, high frequency linear probe, visual artificial abortion probe

1. Display: 15 inch LED screen;

2. Probe Interface:Dual probe interface, with automatic identification function

3. Battery Capacity :removable lithium battery /6000 mAh 

4. Display mode: B, B + B, 4b, B + m, m;

5. Four encoders, knob design, quick and convenient operation

6. Simple operation interface, easy to understand, ready to use 

7. Movie playback: 256 frames, can be played back frame by frame and pause playback, pause playback can be used for image preservation and measurement  

8. Language:Chinese/English  

9. Electron focusing: four stage electron focusing;

10. There were more than 18 body position markers;     

11. Frequency conversion: All probes support five-stage frequency conversion;

12. Image mirror: upper and lower mirror, left and right mirror, black and white flip;

13. Measurement: Professional software measurement package;

14. Character display: date, clock, name, gender, age, doctor, hospital, comment (full-screen character editing);  

15. Gain range: 0-135db;

16. Interface: video interface, two USB interface, DICOM interface, VGA interface, power interface  

17. Permanent storage: 16G built-in storage, can also be connected to external U disk storage

18. Grey scale: level 256

19. Dynamic range: 0-135db;

20. With the function of puncture guidance, puncture line position can be adjusted

21. With the function of rock positioning and dynamic target tracking    

22. Front process: variable aperture, dynamic trace change, dynamic digital filtering, etc

23. After the process: 8 kinds of γ correction, line correlation, 16 level frame correlation, point and line correlation, linear interpolation, digital spatio-temporal filtering, digital edge enhancement, 8 kinds of false color processing, etc  

24. Blind area: ≤4

25. Maximum display depth :300mm

26. Geometric accuracy: transverse ≤5%, longitudinal ≤5%

27. Resolution: lateral ≤2mm, axial ≤1mm

28. Display magnification: 16 display modes;  Lesion diagnosis is more accurate.  

29. Enhanced depth display. 

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