OEM Full Autoclave Medical Rigid Endoscopes

Full Autoclave Medical Rigid Endoscopes Sinuscope Laparoscope Cystoscope Arthroscope Hysteroscope
Adopts sapphire lens cover and laser welding technique
Full Autoclave 134℃/273℉ with 5mins,500 times.

As OEM manufacturer, we are offering our partners the opportunity to benefit from the strength of our products and to sell our endoscopes under their own brand name.

As one of the technology leaders in the field of endoscopy in China, we offer you the opportunity to ideally position yourself on the market with your custom product development. And because we are happy to support you with our high vertical range of manufacture, our own systems and laboratories, our simulation process for optical calculations as well as our prototype and sample design. Our expertise behind your good name You can choose from different design variants. Choose between different basic bodies, surface properties, individual laser markings and standard ring colors. Setting up your individual product design in our production process takes time.

The endoscopes have been optimized to deliver excellent contract high resolution. The true color HD lens system allows for definition and clarity of finest structures in the entire endoscopic field.

Full Autoclave:134ºC/273ºF, 5minutes, 500 times

Adopts sapphire lens cover and laser welding technique. Superior long-term autoclavability contributes to a high mechanical durability.

High Quality Material:

Adopts imported German stainless steel and Japanese light fiber material.

Light source is compatible with Storz, Olympus, Wolf, Stryker and ACMI light cable.

The endoscope is fully compatible with Storz.

Autoclave134ºC/273ºF, 5minutes, 500 times
Warranty1 year







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