Medical Endoscopy Cart Trolley Tower

Pure Metal Structure, Detachable & Foldable,With drawer,With multi-function socket,Height between each layer adjustable
Suitable for Endoscopic equipment integration, Computer and hardware integration

Medical Endoscopy Cart /Trolley /Tower is used for endoscopy surgery. All endoscope products, such as medical monitor, endoscope camera, camera head, light source, insufflator, etc, can be put on it.

It is mainly used to place endoscope system equipment, and the 360 degree rotating large screen display bracket with height adjustment

1.  The height and number of layers of each layer can be freely adjusted. The standard product is two adjustable movable layers, which can be optionally added.

2. A movable universal arm is installed above the table top, which can suspend the display. The power wiring slot is designed to facilitate the power supply of equipment and instruments on each floor.

3. Castors: medical mute castors

4. Support customized product design; The front of the laminates and drawers can be customized with logo

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