HD Otoscope

Imagex otoscopes are rigid endoscopes that feature superior optical quality and combines this with high durability and convenience for easy handling in every otoscopic application.

Imagex rigid otoscopes, sinuscopes, and laryngoscopes for inspection of the corresponding area range in diameter from 2.7mm to 10mm with working lengths up to 185mm and all come in the widest range of viewing angle combinations. Made to the strictest specifications and using the latest technologies, the tips of the endoscopes are constructed from sapphire glass to prevent scratching, while the rod lens construction delivers durability. The true- color HD lens system provides modern cameras with high resolution images of the entire endoscopic filed. An eyepiece makes compatibility with standard exiting light sources simple

Rigid ENT Endoscope:

ENT rigid endoscope adopts imported stainless steel material.

Rigid endoscope adopts German optic glass, light fiber and light cone.

Adopt the patented technology of rod optical lens, clear field of view.

With direction index, sapphire lens cover never abrasion.

Outer diameter 2.7mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm

0 degree/12 degree/30 degree/45 degree/70 degree/90 degree/110 degree

with working length: 45mm/50mm/ 60mm/ 90mm/110mm/175mm/180mm/185mm etc.


Imgex otoscopes are available in diameters from 2.7 mm to 4 mm and in different working lengths and viewing directions.

 DIAMETER                  WORKING LENGTH               DOV

    4mm                                 100mm                           0°

    4mm                                 100mm                          30°

    4mm                                 50mm                            0°

    4mm                                 50mm                           30°

   2.7mm                               100mm                           0°

   2.7mm                               100mm                          30°

   2.7mm                               110mm                           0°

   2.7mm                               110mm                          30°

Note: Can be customized

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