Autoclave Time for Full Autoclave Endoscopes made by Imagex Meditech

Imagex Meditech endoscopes have those features: stainless steel tube, Sapphire lense, low distortion, excellent contrast and color reduction, high quality optical components, high definition imaging, ergonomic design, autoclavable, durable.


And the following advantages of Imagex Meditech endoscopes made us win the favor of customers:

1. The structure design is reasonable and the welding technology is adopted to seal the three key parts, which completely solves the problem that the similar domestic products can not be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure and eliminates the hidden danger of virus cross infection.

2. To avoid environmental pollution caused by fumigation with formalin disinfectant.

3. Through welding process, the defects of degumming in the process of high-temperature and high-pressure disinfection of endoscopes are changed completely, so that the disinfection times of endoscopes are greatly increased and the use cost is reduced.


Here is some information about autoclave time.

For sterilization in autoclave devices, temperature, humidity time and pressure affect sterilization processes. It will be possible to sterilize between 10 and 20 minutes in a pre-vacuum autoclave under 1 atmosphere pressure at 121 degrees, between 20 and 45 minutes in an autoclave without pre-vacuum, or between 4 and 5 minutes in a pre-vacuum autoclave with 2 atmospheres at 134 degrees.


How Many Degrees Should the Autoclave Degree Be?

Sterilization is generally done at 121 degrees in the autoclave device. In the autoclave device that has reached this temperature, the autoclaving time may vary depending on the volume of the material to be sterilized and the way the autoclave is filled.


What is Autoclave Device?

Devices used for the purification of microorganisms on or in the material to be sterilized are called autoclave devices. After the sterilization process, viruses, bacteria, fungi and all similar microorganisms are completely destroyed on the materials. Various substances and tools can be used while performing these sterilization processes. One of the most effective tools to be used in the sterilization process is autoclave devices. For this reason, autoclave devices can be used in environments such as hospitals.


What Does Autoclave Device Do?

The first models of the autoclave device are in the form of a pressure cooker. Inspired by the steam engines made by Denis Papin in 1681, it continues to develop these devices with the autoclave device invented by Charles Chamberland in the field of Microbiology.


What Are the Parts of the Autoclave Device?

Autoclave devices have some necessary parts to work properly. So what are these sections? You may be wondering. Autoclave devices consist of 7 parts. We can list these sections as follows;


boiler section

cover section


air vent cock

pressure regulation valve




The basic parts of autoclave devices appear as we mentioned above. Almost all of the autoclave devices have these sections. Thanks to these parts of the autoclave devices, the sterilization processes of the materials can be done much more easily. These devices are generally used in environments such as hospitals for sterilization processes. However, it would not be correct to limit it only in this way. You can witness that autoclave devices are used in many areas.

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